Ready-To-Post Social Media Graphics for Real Estate Professionals.


Ready to post social media content from Next Week's Content

Welcome to Next Week's Content, I'm Kristine.
Each week I create new sets of ready-to-post social media graphics specifically for real estate professionals.

As a real estate professional, maintaining a consistent, cohesive, social media presence is imperative! But how do you find the time? And where to you get all that content? I understand that and I'm here to help!

Ready-To-Post Graphics

Each of my weekly sets includes 8 graphics including pertinent holidays for that week, quotes, tips, and more. The graphics are designed to engage, inform, and educate your followers as well as gain new followers. 

Printable PDF with Ready-To-Post Copy

Also included with each set is a printable PDF with the file names for each graphic, dates for posting the holiday-specific graphics, and brief written copy suggestions for each graphic.

Consistency is Key!

Everyone knows that one of the most important aspects of creating a solid social media following, on any platform, is consistency. And anyone who's tried to do that week after week also knows how difficult is it. With Next Week's Content your struggle is over. Just visit my shop and snag your Next Week's Content!

Ready to post social media graphics for real estate professionals

What Exactly is Included in Each Weekly Set:

  • 7 Square Graphics (1080px x 1080px)
  • 2 Graphics for Twitter or a blog (880px x 440px)
  • Graphics include a mix of informational, inspirational, and engagement topics.
  • Day by day calendar so you know exactly what, when, and where to post the content
  • Written copy suggestions for each graphic
  • 3-5 Tweets (2 with graphics)

Content is designed for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - but will work for other social media platforms as well.